Aviation Maintenance Technology

Soar into a new career.

aircraft maintenance training, aviation technical school, aerospace maintenance training, aviation training, aerospace technical school, aviation technical schoolGet hands-on airframe and powerplant mechanic's training in our aviation maintenance program .  Work on aircraft with operational engines, controls and hydraulics and running turbine/jet engines. Our faculty is highly qualified with experience from large jets and military planes to small aircraft.

Our degree plan for an Associate in Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology prepares and qualifies students to take all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensing exams for Airframe and/or Powerplant Certification.  Students enter the civilian or military aerospace industry with a comprehensive understanding of Aviation Maintenance Technology.


Aviation Maintenance Technology Certificates offered:

  • General Certificate - entails 400 hours or one semester; and prepares students to take the general section of the FAA Licensing Exam.
  • Airframe Mechanic Certificate - entails 758 hours or two semesters and prepares students to take the Licensing Exam for an FAA Airframe Mechanic Rating.
  • Powerplant Mechanic Certificate - entails 752 hours or two semesters; and prepares students to take the Licensing Exam for an FAA Powerplant Mechanic Rating.


Throughout the US, there is an increasing critical shortage of aircraft mechanics and the number of United States commercial planes is growing.

Pay Scale: $17,000 - $25,000 starting salary, to $45,000 +


Admission Requirements

Financial Aid

Financial assistance including federal programs and grants, scholarships and loans can be applied for at the Financial Aid Office, located in the Student Service Center on the Washington Street Campus.  Deadlines for filing for financial aid are March 30 for Fall, October 30 for Spring, and April 1 for Summer.  For more information call 806-371-5310.

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