Renovation -- West Campus B Building


Space in Building B will be configured as areas for the Nursing Division with classroom spaces and gathering spaces to be shared by all students and faculty members.

The Commons area will have a variety of seating spaces and types, such as lounge chairs, tables and chairs, and a lunch prep area where students will have access to a sink and microwave and can prepare their lunches or snacks. Quiet zones will allow for study, while more active areas will support student collaboration and socialization. An ATM will be considered for this area. A vending alcove will accommodate a selection of beverage and food vending machines offering a variety of food choices with healthy options. Copy machines (for a fee) will be available for student use.

A Cyber Lounge will be located near or within the Commons area and will provide students with a place to check e-mail and use computers for short periods of time. The Copy Alcove will have several copiers for students to use as needed.   A student organization room shall be located off the Commons in an enclosed room. A store room shall be located adjacent to the Commons to allow for easy access and use for functions being held in the Commons.

The Board of Regents approved partial renovation of B Building at a special Board meeting held in December, 2008. The renovation project will cost $1,134,769.00. As a result of their continued enrollment, the new classrooms in B Building will be primarily used by the Nursing Division.

 Asbestos abatement in the South end of the building was completed in January, 2009, clearing the way for renovations to begin by the Contractor. The building is scheduled for occupancy by the 2009 Fall semester.

Contractor prepares to install new entrance to renovated area.












 Once renovated, this area will provide three smart classrooms of 75 students each, a cyber lounge and vending/lunch area for student use.

Supplies arrive for renovations.



Framing and construction of walls begins.





A new entrance is constructed.












 Contractors installed new conduit for data lines to connect building to AC network.

The entrance on the Southwest corner of the building takes shape.


Areas are prepared for terrazzo floors.



Work on the entrance continues.

Entrance 2 work 4 15 09 600x400
Entrance work 4 15 09 600x400


Landscaping and concrete are mapped out.

curbing work 4 15 09 600x400    
Landscape 2 work around bldg 4 15 09 600x400    
Sidewalk landscaping 5 4 09 600x400    


Building interior takes shape.



Interior 2 walls 5 4 09 600x400

West Campus Building B renovations are complete.

Building B West Campus 002.JPG

Building B West Campus 011.JPG

Inside the West Campus B Building.

Building B West Campus 003.JPG     Building B West Campus 004.JPG
Building B West Campus 009.JPG   Building B West Campus 005.JPG
Building B West Campus 006.JPG   Building B West Campus 007.JPG
Building B West Campus 008.JPG   Building B West Campus 010.JPG


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