Renovation - Parcells Hall


The Parcells Hall renovation will realign several programs for better functionality, including mass communications, speech, modern languages, photography, drafting and interior design. Electronic engineering spaces have been relocated to Durrett Hall.  The goal of the renovation of Parcells Hall is to update classrooms and labs, create better adjacencies among related spaces, and improve overall function of the building.

Demolition - All 3 floors of Parcells Hall are completely gutted.

Parcells Breezeway    Parcells Dump Truck
Parcells   Parcells
Parcells   Parcells
Parcells   Parcells


New walls start to go back up.

Parcells    Parcells
Parcells   Parcells


New furniture is delivered.

furniture 1    furniture 2


Parcells Hall renovations are complete on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor.

Parcell 016.JPG

Fourth Floor Hallway

Fourth Floor Classrooms

Parcell 017 Classroom Fourth Floor.JPG    Parcell 018 Fourth Floor.JPG
                                          Parcell 019 Fourth Floor.JPG                                          


Third Floor


Parcell 020 Entry to Third Floor.JPG    Parcell 021 Third Floor Hall.JPG
Entry to Third Floor   Third Floor Hallway
Parcell 022 Third Floor Classroom.JPG   Parcell 023 Photography Lab.JPG
Photography Lab   Photography Lab
Parcell 024 Photography.JPG   Parcell 025 Dark Room.JPG
Dark Room   Film Processing Room
Parcell 026 Studio.JPG    
Photography Studio    


Second Floor

Parcell 031 2nd Floor Hallway.JPG    Parcell 030 2nd Floor.JPG
Parcell 028 Ranger.JPG   Parcell 027 Student Newspaper Ranger.JPG


The first floor of Parcells Hall is enclosed.

Parcells 001.JPG    Parcells 002.JPG
Parcells 003.JPG   Parcells 004.JPG
Parcells 005.JPG    


New plumbing is put in place.



A concrete floor is layed.

Progress is made on the first floor of Parcells Hall.



The common lobby between Parcells Hall and Byrd Business Building


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