Completed Projects


                      Completed Projects  
New Parking Lot Harrison Street  
     Start Construction June, 2008       
     Completion August, 2008
Chiller Plant in Parcells Hall  
     Start Construction Fall, 2009
     Completion March, 2009
West Campus B Building  
     Start Construction January, 2009
     Completion July, 2009
Science Laboratory Building  
     Start Construction October, 2008
     Completion December, 2009
Biology, KACV, Durrett -- DATA  
     Start Construction May, 2010
     Completion August, 2010
Stephen W. Jones Hall  
     Start Construction March, 2009
     Completion July, 2010
HVAC Project  
     Start Construction May, 2010
     Completion August, 2010
Warren Hall  
      Start Construction January, 2010
      Completion August, 2010
Parcells Hall  
      Start Construction September,2010
      Completion           June, 2011
West Campus Allied Health  
      Start Construction May, 2011
      Completion February, 2012
Polk Street Parking Lot  
      Start Construction January, 2012
      Completion July, 2012
Byrd Business Building  
      Start Construction August, 2011
      Completion July, 2012
Manufacturing Education Center  
      Start Construction March, 2012
      Completion March, 2013
Music Building  
      Start Construction Summer, 2012
      Completion Summer, 2013
Transportation Career Center  
       Start Construction March 2012
        Completion January 2013



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