The renovation of the Music Building will include new interior finishes, plumbing, and electrical. New sound proof practice rooms will be constructed and new sound attention panels will be added in the choir room and band room. The facility will also be brought up to the American with Disabilities (ADA) Standard. This project will also include the plaza level which consists of a new waterproofing and drainage system.

Pianos are moved out of the Music Building.

Six grand pianos and twenty upright pianos are moved from the Music Building to Dutton Hall. One grand piano is moved to the Museum of Art.

Moving Piano    Moving Piano


The Plaza area is prepared for renovation.

Music Building

The Band Room will be renovated to meet ADA standards.


Band Room ramp   Band Room ramp


Band Room

A ramp is constructed in the Band Room wall so that sand can be poured in.  The floor will be raised with four feet of sand and then covered with concrete.

Band Room

Sand Pile


Sand in Ramp   Sand


Sand in Band Room   Sand


Renovations begin in the Piano Lab.

Piano Lab

Walls are demolished and waste is carried outside.

Music Building June 6  2012 016.JPG    Music Building
Music Building June 6  2012 017.JPG   Music Building June 6  2012 018.JPG

Music Building June 6  2012 019.JPG

New walls go up in the Band Room.




Renovations continue throughout the Music Building.


Renovations begin on the hallway to the practice rooms.


The practice rooms are completely gutted for remodel.

Work begins on the outside walls of the Music Building.


Renovations continue in the area surrounding the Music Building.



A new accessible ramp is constructed.

Masonry is removed so that waterproofing can be applied.



Old water-proofing membrane is removed.


The new waterproofing material is water tested.



Floor tiles are laid in the Plaza area.



Renovations continue inside the Music Building.

Band Room

    Choir Room


New steps are installed in the Plaza area.



Improvements continue in the choir room and band room.



Renovations to a piano room are near completion.



Renovations continue throughout the Music Building.



Tecta America/Construction Services recieves excellence in craftsmanship award.


TECTA America/Construction Services was awarded the CSI, Amarillo Chapter, 2013 Claude Mathis Memorial Excellence in Craftsmanship Award for their installation of the Paver System at Amarillo College, Music Building.  


Painters apply new paint to the Music Building.



Common Lobby

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