Dutton Hall, the former Biology Building, is being planned to accommodate the Behavioral Studies division.  After the new Science Lab Building was completed in 2009, Dutton Hall has been used as swing space for other projects on campus. As these construction and renovation projects are completed, Dutton Hall will be re-purposed as the new home for Behavioral Studies.  This renovation project will provide new modernized classrooms and office space for the Behavioral Studies divison. The project will update the building with smart classrooms and sufficient office space for faculty and staff that will support the department in the future. In addition, a new division advising suite will be created, providing ample space for student advising and support for the growing division. An open and inviting advising suite is a priority goal of the project. The renovation will allow all Behavioral Studies division staff and faculty to be located in the same building, near the Social Sciences departments in Ordway Hall.

Demolition of the walls in Dutton Hall begins.



New walls are framed and sheetrock is put in place.



Renovations continue on the outside of Dutton Hall.



The new entryway to Dutton Hall takes shape.



Renovations continue on the exterior and interior of Dutton Hall.



Dutton Hall new entryway is almost complete.

Renovations near completion.