The Process

To enter the Dual Credit Program with Amarillo  College, a student must go through several steps. They are as follows:

1. Determine if the high school’s requirements for dual credit are met by talking to the high school counselor.

2. Determine the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Guidelines for admission into the Dual Credit program are met. This measure is based on testing. Students may be eligible for dual credit based on TAKS, EOC, PLAN, PSAT, ACT, or SAT. If these tests do meet TSI Guidelines, a student may take the TSI Assessment. See “Testing Requirements.” The test used for eligibility must be on file with Amarillo College.

3. Complete a Texas Common Application for admission to Amarillo College. See “Apply for Admission.” Completing an Application for admission does not enroll/register students for classes.

4. Register/Enroll for classes online. See “Registration Instructions.”

5. Pay for classes. Dual Credit classes cost $50 per credit hour. Most dual credit classes are 3 hours, costing $150.

To drop or withdraw from the college credit portion of the course, college drop/withdrawal procedures and deadlines must be followed.