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Campus scholarships

The Amarillo College Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit and tax-exempt foundation, seeks to promote excellence at Amarillo College. Scholarships will be awarded in May and distributed at the first of the Fall semester. Call the Foundation Office at (806) 371-5107 with inquiries. Scholarship deadline is typically March 1st.

The Adult Students Program provides assistance to students for child care, transportation, textbooks and tuition. To qualify, students must be: married/single with children, or economically disadvantaged, especially students age 24 and older, or be responsible for a disabled family member. Call the Adult Students Program Office at (806) 371-5449 with inquiries.

Outside scholarships

The Amarillo Area Foundation offers a variety of scholarships for different colleges/universities and fields of study, and eligibility for scholarships is based on the student’s county of residence, planned college or university, and/or anticipated field of study. Deadline is generally mid-February each year.

The Opportunity Plan provides financial assistance and counseling to students pursuing post-secondary education whether at a community college, technical school or four-year institution. Requirements include full time enrollment and 2.5 GPA. Priority deadline: April 1 of each year.

Giva, Inc., a technology company located in Silicon Valley, offers a semi-annual $1000 tuition scholarship. Applicants must submit a 500-1000 word essay telling how you will use your talents and education to make the world a better place and  submit a current resume. Winners are required to perform some community service volunteer work. Deadline: June 1 or December 1 of each year. Scholarships will be awarded by August 15th and February 15th of each year. Students can apply only once in any 12-month period.

AmericanMuscle is offering 4 currently enrolled students or high school seniors who are pursuing post-secondary education an opportunity to be awarded $2,000 in tuition assistance towards their upcoming semester. Scholarships are restricted to those students pursuing an automotive degree or related field of study. Applicants must submit a 700-1500 word essay telling how you plan on using your automotive education to incite positive change and innovation within the custom car industry. Deadline for Fall Applicants is June 15th. Deadline for Spring applicants is October 15th.

The Texas Association of Developing Colleges scholarship application is available. Community college students can receive $700 per school year. Eligibility requirements include: U.S. citizen or Eligible non-citizen, Texas resident, Completed 14/15 FAFSA with EFC<50, and an undergraduate full-time student in good academic standing. Deadline is July 7, 2014.

Goedeker's is currently offering scholarships to all students in all fields of study. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA and submit a 300 word essay about why attending college and your field of study are important. Grand prize is a $500 scholarship. Two $100 scholarships will be awarded to honorable mention students. Students must either be enrolled for the Spring 2014 semester or registered for the Fall 2014 semester. Deadline is July 31, 2014. is accepting applications for the Working Parent Scholarship. Requirements include: US resident, 18 years or older, full or part-time student, worked an average of 12 hours for each of the previous four weeks at the time of applying, residential parent of at least one minor child, and currently enrolled at an accredited US post-secondary institution. Deadline is December 14, 2014.

The Research Leadership Scholarship Program was created in hopes that it may encourage students in various health fields to work toward a future in which obesity and it’s related problems can be controlled.They are offering $6000 in scholarship awards. Applicants must submit a 900-1500 word essay discussing the relationship between body weight and self-esteem, and how reaching a healthy body weight might improve a person’s self-esteem. Deadline is December 31, 2014. Winners will be notified and awards will be given toward the end of January 2015.

The Freshmen Success Fund for Foster Youth offers one-time grants of $1,000 for first time college freshmen students or first time student's enrolled in a TX State Technical College. Grants are awarded in increments of $500 per semester, with the student applying each term and are for basic non-tuition related needs. Applications for each semester/school term may be submitted for consideration to DFPS at any time but students are encouraged to submit applications at least 2 months prior to the start of each semester or school term. 

The C. Ed Davis PAL Scholarship is for basic non-tuition needs for former foster youth who are majoring in government, political science, history, or other pre-law field. Scholarships are awarded in increments of $500 per semester and are for basic non-tuition needs. Decisions regarding scholarship awards will be made by August 1 (for Fall) or November 1 (for Spring).



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