Core Curriculum Development and Assessment


The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) mandated that every Texas core curriculum course align with 21st Century Skills by fall 2014. The new Texas Core Curriculum is "centered on increasing student learning and improving student success." Each institution is granted the authority to choose how to ensure their institution's courses align with the new THECB mandates.

As a result, Amarillo College has created a Call for Course Proposals for Inclusion Web site. Amarillo College's core courses must be submitted through the proposal process for each fall 2014-2015 core curriculum course and for any future core curriculum course considerations.

Once the core curriculum courses have been approved by AC's Dean's Council, Curriculum Committee, and the THECB, the core curriculum courses will undergo an annual institutional evaluation process.



Spring 2015 At the conclusion of spring 2015, all approved core curriculum courses will be required to produce results, analysis, student samples, etc. that align with THECB mandates
Fall 2014 Statewide Implementation of Core Curriculum - By this date ALL courses must be 100% compliant
Summer 2014 All courses approved for course inclusion must complete final edits of 2014 core curriculum submission (demonstrating final, first-year assignments, direct assessment methods/explanations, benchmarks based on data, etc.)
Final 2014 Plan Approvals
Pre 2014 See AC Core Curriculum History Timeline


Course Submission Information - Due Each Fall

Course Evaluation - Due End of Each Spring

At the end of each spring term, you will be required to provide course result information. The form you complete will request the information shown in Section III, Part D of the Instructional Program Review. 

Once the information in received, the Instructional Assessment Committee will use something like the Evaluation Form for Core Curriculum Submissions to evaluate the assessment information provided by departments. Once the basic submission criteria has been met, the information will be given to the President's Council for review.


The following links will assist you with your core curriculum proposal submission and assessment plan:

Submission Information

Type of Information Help Site
Plan Submission Site
How to Develop Plan

Developed Rubrics

These rubrics can be used/altered to meet department chair/program coordinator needs.

Developing and Creating Your Own Rubrics


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