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CTE general info and goals


General Information

Located primarily on Amarillo College's East Campus, the Career and Technical Center (CTEC) delivers training through contracts, grants, and open enrollment for students and industry located throughout the Texas Panhandle and the entire state.                    

Goals of the Program

The Career and Technical Education Division is the premiere technical education and training provider in the Texas Panhandle. We strive to provide all students with skills necessary to be competitive in the job market by developing flexible curricula responsive to emerging and/or high demand technical careers.

Our primary goal has three objectives:

  • To target academically and technically advanced students and provide them with the education, skills and experiences to acquire well paid, rewarding jobs.
  • To improve the skill sets of existing worker enabling advancement in their chosen career field.
  • To develop life long learners destined to become tomorrow's industrial leaders.

The secondary goal of the CTE Division is to be the conduit between the community and our industrial partners. Our objective is to provide a well trained workforce with the technical skills and experience necessary to substain world class corporate status, and entice new companies to locate in the Texas Panhandle.