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Find the books you need for your classes


Adult Students Program (ASP) checkouts generally begin the first day of class in the semester you are enrolled in on the Lynn Library’s 4th floor.  Loans are given on a “first come, first serve” basis.


Here are some tips to use when checking out your textbook and calculator loans from the library:


1.      Have a valid library card.

Amarillo College Library accepts cards from any library in the Harrington Library Consortium, (ex: Amarillo Public Library, Canyon Public Library, AISD Schools, etc.).  Our library systems are all connected.


If you don’t have a library card at any of the libraries in HLC, please come to the library, 4th floor, before ASP checkouts begin, to get a free library card.


2.      Have a library card in good standing

“Good standing” means your current library card (or any card you have ever had) should not have fines larger than $5.00. If you aren’t sure if you have fines, please call us at 371-5400.


3.      Get a textbook or calculator loan form signed by an ASP staff member. 

Get a form at the ASP desk located in the SSC 120.  Make sure a staff member signs your form.  A signature lets library staff know that ASP has approved your checkout. 


4.      Know what books you need for your classes before you stand in line. 

Go to the bookstore or their webpage; write down the title, author, and edition of the books you need on your ASP form.  If we don’t have the book you need, you still need this information so that you get what you need for your course. 


To return your textbook and calculator loans, you can:


1.      Return your textbook and calculator loans at the book drop located in front of the Lynn Library Building, outside the main entrance by the sliding door, (look for the bright pink signs). The book drop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

2.      Return your textbook and calculator loans to any staff member at the Circulation Desk on the 4th floor during our hours of operation. 


Be sure to get your items returned by the due date specified on the ASP loan form.  A hold will be placed on your student record for late/unreturned ASP loan items.  Also, students in need miss out on your late/unreturned items the following semester.  Return your items on time and help other students in need!


ASP and the library cannot guarantee we’ll have the book(s) or calculator you need.  If we don’t have the book(s) you need, you can buy/rent your books at the AC Bookstore or buy/rent textbooks online.