Tasty Towers


Our FIRST ever Food Structure Competition, Tasty Towers, was a success! We received over $2000 in food, a good time was had by all, and the AC Pantry even got a little media attention!

In August 2011, 57% of Amarillo College students were eligible for Pell grants (annual family income is under $20,000)[1]. While community resources for food already existed, they were not easily accessible to students who were already struggling to get to campus and many of them simply fell through the cracks. In February 2012, AC Pantry opened its door.  To date, about 200 different students have gotten food from the AC Pantry. The AC Pantry provides a stopgap measure for students in need of food. Students may visit up to two times per month and receive a grocery bag of nonperishable food (chosen by the student) as well as basic hygiene items.

The AC Pantry relies completely on the donations of faculty, staff, students, and community members. This October, we hosted the first ever Tasty Towers competition, a contest where 5 student groups from Amarillo College built structures out of packaged non-perishable food. The structures were displayed, judged, then dismantled and donated to the AC Pantry.

Building took place on October 23rd from 9 to 5, and the judging event was at 10 AM on October 24th.

Prizes were awarded in multiple categories including Best Overall, most creative use of protein, most creative use of original label, structural ingenuity, and best use of most needed items.

                Judges at the event were adjunct Mass Comm professor and local news anchor, Walt Howard; local engineer and AC alumna, Stacy Sanning; and High Plains Food Bank Executive Director, Zack Wilson.

Thanks to our Structure Sponsors:


Paige Latham, MD

[1] Amarillo College board of regents. (2011, September 27). Amarillo College Board of Regents: minutes of regular board meeting.

Photos by: Kestrel Jenkins (shark), SEI Design Group (train), and Glenwood (pie)