Student Support Services - Health - Tutor Information

Joshua Correa

Joshua is a graduate of Amarillo College and West Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in biology. Joshua has conducted taxonomic work on the WTAMU arachnid collection in addition to research entomology experience through Texas AgriLife. He can tutor any biology course including: Freshman Biology, A&P, and microbiology.

Please see Tutor Hours for his office hours.

Shirley Karr, BSN

Shirley graduated from WTAMU with a Bachelor’s in Nursing and from Angelo State University with a Master’s degree in Nursing Education.  She currently works at the TTUHSC School of Medicine.  She can tutor students in any nursing class.

She can meet with students by appointment on evenings and weekends. Please see Tutor Hours for appointments.

Michelle Lamons

Michelle graduated with a pre-physician assistant degree from Amarillo College in 2011.  Currently, she is biology major at WTAMU and still plans to become a physician assistant.  She can tutor students with Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) I and II, Biology I, College Algebra, and some trigonometry. Michelle also helps students with study skills and critical thinking skills.

Please see Tutor Hours for her office hours.

Jared Wyrick

Jared is a graduate of AC’s respiratory care program.  Jared’s specialty is respiratory care and because of his extensive classroom and lab work with the mechanical vent, he can assist nursing students with that portion of their coursework – for example, Level IVs in critical care.   He is also available to tutor in A&P I, II, and microbiology.  He is comfortable assisting with most health-science related subjects.

Please see Tutor Hours for his office hours.