Suzuki Program

 “Our purpose does not lie in a movement to create professional musicians, but to create persons of a beautiful mind and fine ability. We engage in human education through an unparalleled, uniquely musical approach." —Shinichi Suzuki (Where Love Is Deep)



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Welcome to Suzuki at Amarillo College!

Nies and Viola Group 08
Stephen Spillman/Amarillo Globe-News

 Welcome to Suzuki at Amarillo College!
Our supportive learning environment is the perfect place for parents
and children to develop a creative,cooperative learning partnership. 

Since 1977, the AC Suzuki Program has offered highly qualified and trained Suzuki instructors to support and train growing talent in all students. Weekly private and group instruction, monthly Play-ins, solo recitals and the annual group recital are all components of this complete Suzuki experience.

Prospective families should first visit the "About the Program" link above for information about the Suzuki Method and details about our program at Amarillo College.
Look in the "Prospective Students" link for policies
on beginning in our program and how to sign up for our placement list.
A current calendar of events and program fees can be found under "Current Students."

Families currently enrolled in our program should bookmark this page and
check back often for updated program information, details on upcoming events and any changes to the schedule.  Practice resources, tuition schedules, and announcement
archives are located in the "Current Students" link.

Community Partnerships


WoWW Bivens March 2012



Amarillo College Suzuki faculty Tiffany McDaniel demonstrates the science of sound as Bivins Elementary students feel for vibrations on the violin.