Intravenous Admixture and Sterile Compounding Course Syllabus

Shawna Lopez

Instructor: Shawna Lopez
Office Hours:

*I will be available anytime before or after class for at least 15 minutes.*

Tuesday 1000-1200

Monday and Wednesday 1000-1100

Any other time by appointment

Friday by appointment

Catalog Year: 2010-2011
Disability Statement: Any student who, because of a disabling condition, may require some special arrangements in order to meet course requirements should contact disAbility Services (Student Service Center room 119, phone 371-5436) as soon as possible.
Course Title: Intravenous Admixture and Sterile Compounding
Course Name and Number: PHRA-1345
Course Section:
Semester: Spring

Prerequisites: PHRA 1301 and PHRA 1309

Course Description:

A study of sterile products, legal and regulatory guidelines, hand washing techniques, pharmaceutical calculations, references, safety techniques, aseptic techniques in parenteral compounding, proper use of equipment, preparation of sterile products and safe handling of antineoplastic drugs.

Department Expectations:
Hours: (3 sem hrs; 2 lec, 2 lab)
Class Type: On Campus Course

No textbook required

1 bottle of isopropyl alcohol, 1 box of latex gloves
Student Performance:
(minimum competencies) After studying the material presented in this course of study, the student will be able to do the following as evaluated by the faculty in the department/program.
Upon completion of PHRA 1345, the student will be able to:
  1.     Perform dose calculations in preparation of parenteral drugs
  2.     Know the JCAHO requirements for pharmacy operation
  3.     Recognize terminology pertaining to sterile products
  4.    Understand how laminar flow hoods work
  5.   Describe the major routes of parenteral administration
  6.     Demonstrate proper procedure in aseptic technique
  7.      Explain special precautions for injectable antineoplastic agents
  8.  Define terminology pertaining to sterile products
  9.   Process IV and TPN labels
  10.  Demonstrate proper compounding technique
  11. Demonstrate proper aseptic technique
  12.  Demonstrate knowledge of basic pharmacy technician regulations in Texas.
  13. Calculations
Students Rights and Responsibilities: Student Rights and Responsibilities
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Expected Student Behavior:
Adult, professional behavior is expected at all times.
Academic dishonesty will result in a final grade of "F" for the course. Any attempt to cheat will be considered as academic dishonesty and will result in a final grade of “F” for the course.
Grading Criteria:
The final course grade will be computed as follows:
*The average of all exams equals 20% of the final grade
*The average of lab practicals will equal 30% of the final grade
*Attendance/participation equals 20% of the final grade
*The final equals 30% of the final grade
The following grade scale applies:
A = 95-100%
B = 85-94%
C = 75-84%
F = Less than 75%
Illegible work will not be graded.
Considering that we meet once a week, students will not be allowed to make-up exams, homework, or quizzes. The student will receive a grade of ZERO for anything missed.
**With regard to exams only, the instructor will consider only written petitions for emergency situations and undue hardships on an individual basis. The decision of the instructor to accept or reject the petition is final. The process must be initiated by the student and occur within 48 hours of the missed class period.
There will be 3 exams and 2 lab practicals.(This is subject to change)
A comprehensive final exam will be given on the last class meeting.
Course outline will be given to the student at the beginning of the course. (This is subject to change.)


Lecture Schedule

Lab Schedule

Week 1


Safety Rules

Week 2

Infection Control/Basic Chemistry

Clean Counters/Read syringes

Week 3

Routes of Administration/Introduction to IVs

Hand washing/Syringes/Aseptic Technique

Week 4

USP 797

USP 797/Compounding IVs

Week 5

Exam 1

Lecture Exam 1

Week 6

Properties of Sterile Products


Week 7

Lab Practical 1

Lab Practical 1

Week 8

Types of Drugs and Storage

Package Inserts/Pedi Syringes

Week 9

Spring Break

Spring Break

Week 10

Exam 2

Lecture Exam 2

Week 11

Quality Control/TPNs/Suspensions


Week 12

Medication Flavoring/Immunizations

TPNs cont/Suspensions/Ointments

Week 13



Week 14

Exam 3

Lecture Exam 3

Week 15

Lab Practical 2

Lab Practical 2

Week 16

Final Exam

Final Exam


Additional Information: