Microbiology Course Syllabus

Robert Bauman

Honorary: Professor
Instructor: Robert Bauman
Phone: 676-0142, 371-7387
Office Hours:

M,T,W,R 0700-0730 or by appointment 

Catalog Year: 2009-2010
Disability Statement: Any student who, because of a disabling condition, may require some special arrangements in order to meet course requirements should contact disAbility Services (Student Service Center room 119, phone 371-5436) as soon as possible.
Course Title: Microbiology
Course Name and Number: BIOL-2421
Course Section:
Semester: Spring

RDNG 0331-minimum grade of C or a score on a state-approved test indicating college-level reading skills; SCIT 1307 recommended

Course Description:

Study of microorganisms and the manner in which they affect health; characteristics, growth requirements, methods of transfer and reactions of the body toward invading organisms; principles underlying immunity; food, water, industrial and ecological microbiology.

Department Expectations:
Hours: (4 sem hrs; 3 lec, 3 lab)
Class Type: On Campus Course

Microbiology with Diseases by Body System 2e, 2009, Bauman, Benjamin Cummings
Microbiology Lab Manual, 3e, 2008, Bauman and Dolby, Pearson Custom Publishing

Encounters in Microbiology 2001. Alcamo, Jones and Bartlett publishers


Each student must provide 100 latex (or other material) examination gloves in his or her size. (One size-fits all is unacceptable.) These can be purchased at many drugstores or from the store on the West Campus. You will also need a waterproof “Sharpie” pen.

Student Performance:
Students Rights and Responsibilities: Student Rights and Responsibilities
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Expected Student Behavior:

TEST RULE Do not do anything which would appear to involve cheating. Failure to abide by the test rule will result in a grade of zero.

Please, for consideration of others, place your cell phones and pagers on silent mode.

Communications, including additional assignments, will be given via MyAC. Students must check their mail and announcements daily.  You are responsible for complying with information given via the internet. No excuses. No make ups.

Grading Criteria:

900 -1000 = A
800 - 899 = B
700 - 799 = C
600 - 699 = D
Below 599 = F
A grade of "C" or better is required for most medical fields.

No make ups. A grade of zero will be assigned. If classes are canceled exams and asignments will be done the next class period. Exception: if the next class is scheduled for the final, then the missed exam's grade will be calculated from answers given over the same material from the final exam.


You must make arrangement to make up lab work the day after you miss.

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