Student Planning Registration Clearance Guide

  1. Log in to Student Planning via AC Connect.
    Ac connect login


  1. Go to Self-Service > Current Student > Academic Planning > Student Planning.
    Student planning menu


  1. Click on Option 2 “Go to Plan & Schedule.” Plan and schedule

  1. Under the Schedule tab, you will see the semester and year that you have courses planned out for, ex. Spring 2018, Summer 2018, etc. You can move to future or past semesters by hitting the “<” and “>” arrows. If the course has a Green thumb-up, that means you have been approved for registration clearance and can register once registration opens. Registration Clearance is specific to the semesters and the courses that you and your advisor have planned out. Any changes in your plan may affect registration clearance.


  1. If you have a Red Thumb-down, courses were denied and you must meet with you advisor to get approval.
     Schedule zoomed

  1. If you don’t have anything by the course, ex. SPCH 1315, then the course hasn’t been approved and you will not be able to register for that course until you get the Green Thumb-up. You can see that some courses are “Protected.” That means that you and your advisor have agreed that you will take that courses in that planned semester. You cannot move the course to a different semester until you visit with your advisor.   
    Schedule protected

  1. You can select sections for each course approved by clicking on “View other sections.” You will need to pay attention to the dates to distinguish between 1st and 2nd 8 week course offerings. Under View other sections, you can move to see more section offerings by clicking the arrows “<” and “>”. It will then say 2 of 3, 3 of 3, etc. Once you’ve selected the sections for each course, you will see the Register button highlighted in Green.    
    Schedule other sections

  1. When you click on the desired section, a “Section Details” box will appear. If after reviewing the section information you decide to follow through with this selection, click on “Add Section” on the bottom right-hand corner. You will do the same for each course planned out for those semesters in which registration is open. For example, you can register for summer and fall when registration opens in April, but you can’t register for Spring until registration for that semester opens in November.
     Section details

  1. You can see how the courses appear on your calendar. You can register for courses individually by clicking on the “Register” button under each course or register for all courses simultaneously by clicking on the “Register Now” button at the top right-hand corner. Once registration is completed, you’ll get a notification that states you’ve been registered.
    Register now

  1. If you don’t get that registration message, look at the top right-hand Notification icon to identify any issues that may have prevented registration. This could be a message that indicate courses have already stared, you don’t have Registration Clearance, you have a hold on your account, you don’t meet prerequisites, there’s a conflict in the schedule, etc. For assistance with these issue, contact the Advising Center at 806-371-5440.

  1. Once you and your advisor have planned out your course sequence for future semesters, you can view this by click on the “Timeline” tab. You will always return to “Course Plan” for registration.