AC Introduces Data-Driven, Career-Evaluation Website

May 1, 2014

Choosing the right career is a complicated process, one that Amarillo College just utterly streamlined with the introduction of

The free AC website is designed as a community resource; anyone is welcome to use it. The site contains the most accurate, up-to-date information about specific careers in the Texas Panhandle—wage data, the estimated number of annual job openings, even the number of workers nearing retirement age.

Students or anyone else interested in finding potential careers can use the website to research and evaluate more than 800 occupations, build a résumé, or view job postings through the search engine—all for free.

“Picking the right career is a challenge, especially if you have unanswered questions about the frequency of job openings or earning potential,” Ellen Green, AC’s chief of marketing and communication, said.

“Start Here Careers answers those questions and many more. Local data you can trust is provided by 90 sources, vetted by degreed economists and updated quarterly. People deserve to seek a career based on realistic goals and expectations, and this website helps them do exactly that.”

Visit and start your career search today.