Regents Name Campus Facilities for Bud Joyner, Louise Daniel

Louise Daniel



Bud Joyner



May 29, 2014

The Board of Regents paid unanimous tribute in May to a pair of past Amarillo College leaders by voting to attach their iconic names—Louise Daniel and Dr. Bud Joyner—to selected campus facilities.

The newly remodeled meeting room on the first floor of the College Union Building on the Washington Street Campus henceforth will be known as the Louise Daniel Room. The laurel was conferred posthumously on the twice-elected Regent who chaired the Board before her passing in 2003.

The other christening enacted by Regents honors Joyner, the College’s lone President Emeritus who served two non-consecutive terms as president (1992-1999 and 2002-2003) and spearheaded AC’s successful $26 million bond issue of 1994, the genesis of AC’s Downtown Campus. The newly dubbed Bud Joyner Auditorium will grace the Downtown Campus in perpetuity.

“There is no question in my mind that Bud Joyner was the right man at the right time for Amarillo College,” AC President Paul Matney said. “He made numerous contributions to the development of this College, and every decision he made was with the potential benefit to our students foremost in his mind.

“He was extremely well respected by AC Regents, employees and students, and that same level of respect is evident to this day among community leaders and the Amarillo business community. Bud has also been a great mentor and role model for me, personally” Matney said. “I’ll be forever grateful for his support and his superb leadership of AC.”

Joyner, who Regents named President Emeritus in 2004, has since served or led numerous civic organizations, from the Amarillo Area Foundation and the Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Foundation to the Mary E. Bivins Foundation and the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce. The Amarillo Globe-News named him its Man of the Year in 2012, about the same time the AC Foundation established the Bud Joyner Fellows Program, a scholarship initiative.

Daniel, who chaired the Board of Regents before illness compelled her to resign in 2003, was a highly involved, longtime educator and a staunch advocate of the College. She not only taught science for 35 years in the Amarillo ISD, but she served as president of the Amarillo Classroom Teachers Association and chaired political action committees for the Texas State Teachers Association.

Daniel, a 1951 graduate of AC and its 2003 Distinguished Alumna, also served on the Pantex Plant Citizens Advisory Board and on the Amarillo Community Development Advisory Committee, thereby participating in the creation of the Tyler Street Resource Center. She was elected to her first six-year term on the AC Board of Regents in 1996, and she made an immediate impact.

“Louise Daniel was very dedicated, very detailed, and she insisted we discuss issues to the nth degree,” said Carroll M. Forrester, who is serving his third term on the Board of Regents. “She wanted to get it right. She was meticulous, caring, devoted and insightful. She worked hard and paid attention. She was a visionary who thought of things nobody else did.

“I’m pleased that the Board has taken this opportunity to honor both Louise Daniel and Bud Joyner in this fashion, very pleased, in fact.”