News from the President February '20

by William Ratliff
Published February 3, 2020

WOW is a core value and a part of our Culture of Caring. President Lowery-Hart shares stories about how our AC family WOW's students daily.

Russell headshotWOW. I hear that word a great deal from our students and our secret shoppers. Our students see you WOW them every day. One student talked about being WOW’d by Tamra Rocsko when she was facing real health and family challenges. Tamra’s refusal to let her student fail truly changed this student’s life and confidence. One student told the entire country how our math developmental education and transfer faculty WOW’d her with their integrated support. She never thought she would pass a transfer class but her faculty refused to let her fail through their tutoring, instruction, and personal connection. She was one of four students at a national conference in New York City who was asked to share her experiences. Her description of your Culture of Caring and particularly, the math faculty co-requisite model, WOW’d her. The entire nation was impressed. Another student told me how the business office WOW’d them when they bought Palace Coffee for students standing in line. The student said, “The employees truly care about us. WOW.” An older student was really worried she didn’t have the technical skills to log on and use Blackboard. She talked about how Buster Bonjour helped her not only learn how to log on but to gain the confidence to successfully complete her two courses. 

Thank you for WOW’ing me every day by walking students to the services they need; helping each other work through institutional and procedural barriers; and truly loving students (and each other) to success. You WOW me. 


Much love,

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