Academic Success Centers: New Name - Same Purpose

by William Ratliff
Published February 3, 2020

There’s a sense of newness in the air: a new year, a new decade, and a new name for what were once known as AC’s tutoring centers.

TutoringUnder the umbrella of Student Learning Supports, the tutoring centers will now be known as Academic Success Centers. This also includes the former Writers’ Corner, Math Outreach Center, and any other tutoring center that supports academic programs. This name change was spurred by an outside consulting group in hopes that it would better reflect the experience the centers provide students during their time at Amarillo College.

There are a total of four Academic Success Centers on the Washington Street Campus, as well as one at each of the other academic campuses: East, West, Moore County, and Hereford. Jeannie George, Director of Student Learning Supports, says that although the name has changed, their purpose remains the same, “We’re here to help every student successfully complete their academic courses.”

Each center is staffed with a supervisor, as well as both peer and professional tutors. Jeannie, with an eye for improvement, seeks to create a more consistent tutoring experience for the students who visit. And visit they do! The fall of 2019 saw more than 22,000 tutoring sessions which helped just over 4,000 unique students.

What types of students visit the Academic Success Centers? Many academic programs require mandatory tutoring when students fall below certain benchmarks (i.e., test or quiz grades). Other students are proactive and seek out help to improve their grade. The tutoring provided is free of charge, no matter what the reason is for coming. Faculty are also able to flag students needing help via an “early retention alert” through ACConnect. This identifies students who are struggling and notifies those who can offer assistance.

It’s one more way Amarillo College is removing roadblocks and offering personalized assistance to students. So, how can you help? One, refer students who are struggling or who want to improve a grade. Two, connect with Jeannie and share what academic needs your students have.  Your feedback will help create a better experience for all. For additional information, check out the tutoring website.

For more information and exact locations, visit the Academic Success Center webpage at For questions, contact Jeannie George at 371-5432.