Staying Fit while Staying at Home

by William Ratliff
Published May 11, 2020

Working remotely has its challenges in a number of different ways. One of those is staying in shape and staying away from sweets, snacks, and the feeling that you’re constantly eating.

Home fitness 2Here are just a few tips and few resources you have at your disposal during a shelter-in-place or until the gyms open up again. Of course, once you try a few of these, you might not even want to return to the gym.

Gyms that are offering free online workouts

A number of gyms are offering virtual workouts for free to members and non-members alike while many people are staying home. It’s their way of supporting everyone during this difficult time of very limited activity and the closure of gyms.

Orange Theory Fitness

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Orange Theory is offering a free daily workout you can access through their Orange Theory at Home site. These workouts target a specific heart rate zone and are focused on high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Once the gym opens again, you can visit the Amarillo location on Soncy avenue by Academy and see how you like their in-person classes.

305 Fitness

One of NYC’s most popular fitness classes is now offering online, at-home workouts for free during the COVID-19 closures. You can visit their website for more details. The founder, Sadie Kurzban, is offering twice-a-day cardio live streams on YouTube at noon and 6 pm (EST). These workouts look like a blast, which is probably why their motto is “dance like no one’s watching.” And, while you’re at home, no one will be, except maybe your kids or your cat. But, hey, who cares?

Barry’s Bootcamp

Are you up for a hardcore workout? Then, you need to try Barry’s Bootcamp. Visit the Instagram TV site to gain access to a number of intense workouts you can do at home – offered twice a day for FREE. Choose from two options: Bands (requires a set of resistance bands) or Total Body (no equipment required). Workouts average approximately 20 minutes in length.

Core Power Yoga

Right now, this Yoga Studio is offering a limited number of their on-demand classes for free, and they switch up the classes each week. You can gain full access by subscribing to their platform, which is $19.99 per month and gives you access to over 250 classes.


Online platforms that are offering free trials

There are numerous online workout companies that are offering free or extended trials during the pandemic. Once you’re done with the trial, you can choose to continue and pay, or simply cancel your membership.

Peloton Digital

The Peloton app is currently offering a free 30-day trial. Don’t have a bike? No problem. The app offers a number of different kinds of workouts – strength, yoga, boot camp, and stretching to name a few. You can choose from programs or individual exercises – from 10 to 30 minutes or more in length to fit your schedule.

Daily Burn

This online workout platform that includes numerous types of exercise (yoga, boot camps, weights, body weight, and more) is offering a 60-day free trial right now. There are options for individual exercises, as well as programs you can follow. With the free trial, that’s plenty of time to try a new program and keep in shape.


Additional ways to stay in shape at home

Don't want to join anything else? If you don't want to sign up for an online platform, there are a number of other ways to stay in shape at home while also enjoying the outdoors.  

Go for a walk or run

The outdoors are always open and walking or running in your neighborhood is always free. Take your dog, the kids, or merely go solo. It’s totally up to you. Add in some meditation, a podcast, or music to liven it up and improve your spirit or frame of mind.

Take a hike (literally)

Visit Palo Duro Canyon and go on a hike or bike ride. You will need to make reservations, and there are limited spots. There is also a mask requirement. You can go online to Palo Duro Canyon’s website to see availability and reserve your spots. Groups are limited to 8 people per car, so if you have more than that in your family or group, you’ll have to make alternate plans.

Invest in a home gym

If you’re serious about exercise, you can begin to invest in some equipment and start creating your own home gym. With a few weights, exercise bands, and some exercise mats, you can be on your way to being physically fit in no time – and for just a few months of membership expense or less. Add in one or two of the free trials or offers above, and voila! You have a workout plan, a new gym, and time to meet those fitness goals.