Safety Spotlight | September 2020

William Ratliff
Published September 14, 2020

September is Disaster Preparedness Month. Learn how to be prepared if disaster strikes in our area.

The most important thing you can have when disaster strikes in our area, be it a tornado, flood, or wildfire, is a plan. Here are some tips on making a plan, according to Ready, the official website of the Department of Homeland Security.


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Step 1: Create a plan

Use the following questions with your friends, family, or household.

  1. How will you receive emergency notifications and alerts?
    1. Sign up for local alerts at the Amarillo Alerts website
    2. Learn about Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA)
  2. What is your shelter plan (home, work, or elsewhere)?
  3. What is your evacuation route, if needed?
  4. What is your household communication plan?
  5. Do you need to create/update your emergency preparedness kit?
  6. Update any emergency plans due to COVID-19 by checking with CDC guidelines.
    1. For example, add masks and sanitizing supplies to your emergency preparedness kit.



Step 2: Plan for Specific Needs in Your Family/Household

When making your plan, consider any specific daily necessities and plan accordingly. Things to consider include care for children, older adults, or pets; business needs; medical equipment availability; communication needs. By creating a network ahead of time, people within the network can support each other during times of crisis. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:
  1. Various ages of those in your household
  2. Dietary requirements
  3. Pets and service animals
  4. Medical necessities (prescriptions, equipment, etc.)
  5. School-aged children needs


Step 3: Complete a Family Emergency Plan

Download and fill out this template for your Family Emergency Plan or use it to create your own.

Emergency Plan for Parents (PDF)


Step 4: Practice Your Plan

Practice your plan with your friends, family, and household. Be sure your children know what to do and what the plan is if a disaster ever strikes, especially if they are away from your house (at school, at a friend’s house, etc.)





Additional Resources

Here are a few additional links to resources that might be helpful in creating your Family Emergency Plan.



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