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College Launches CEO Council and new Adams Earn & Learn Program

Published October 1, 2020 By Joe Wyatt

Amarillo College on Oct. 1 launched the Adams Earn & Learn Program, a new work-based learning initiative for the Amarillo Community. Applications for The Adams Earn & Learn Program, which will pair Amarillo talent with participating local businesses through apprenticeships arranged by Amarillo College, will open Oct. 2.

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Peer tutors serve on front lines at AC's Academic Success Centers

Published September 25, 2020 By Joe Wyatt

Not that long ago, Alvaro Gardea ventured into the Math Outreach Center at Amarillo College for the first time – not looking to help students unravel the complexities of mathematics, a function he regularly performs there today, but in search of support to conquer his own fear of the subject.

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