Joe Wyatt
Published June 12, 2017

Success is a concerted effort to inform students about the benefits of taking summer classes that leads to a 13-percent enrollment increase – as it has this summer at Amarillo College.

Success Is AC NewshpAs of June 12, 3,426 students had enrolled in summer classes at AC, an increase of almost 400 students over the previous year. The gain includes an 9.1-percent upswing in contact hours and represents AC’s largest summer enrollment since 2013.

“We are committed to encouraging all students, no matter when they enroll at the College, to consider making summer classes part of their pathway for success,” Bob Austin, vice president of student affairs, said.

“I think our summer enrollment is up significantly because our students are taking the message to heart,” Austin said. “Summer classes absolutely accelerate degree completion. Students are increasingly interested in reducing time to completion, and that is a goal that the College aggressively embraces as well.”

In addition to helping students finish faster, summer courses also support success through the immersion of students in smaller classes that encourage greater interaction with instructors. And the intensive six-week structure of summer classes promotes enhanced focus; students thrive.

Prospective students can still take advantage of summer school opportunities at Amarillo College. Summer II offers a new slate of classes that begin on July 5.

Just visit or call (806) 371-5000. Success awaits.