Program earns another commendation from the Texas Board of Nursing

by Joe Wyatt
Published November 7, 2017

The Texas Board of Nursing has released annual data confirming Amarillo College continues to have one of the state’s most successful programs for producing registered nurses (RNs) and has earned yet another commendation.

NursingThe data reveals that 92.3 percent of AC’s Associate Degree of Nursing (ADN) graduates from October 2016 to September 2017 passed the national licensure exam on their initial attempt.


It’s an exemplary success rate that compares very favorably with the national average of 86.9 percent.


The licensure exam is known as the NCLEX, and first-time pass rates are significant because the Texas Board of Nursing requires programs to achieve a minimum 80-percent first-time annual pass rate to maintain Full Approval status.


Additionally, the Board extends commendations to programs in which at least 90 percent of candidates pass the NCLEX on their first attempt.


AC expects to receive its commendation early in 2018.


It is a repeat performance of excellence for AC’s ADN Program, which received  Board commendations each of the past two years. AC graduates posted a 95.15 percent first-time pass rate on the NCLEX in 2016, and they achieved a 94.78 percent pass rate in 2015.


The Texas Board of Nursing’s report also ranks AC’s ADN Program 10th largest among ADN programs in Texas for producing graduates. AC has had 116 ADN students graduate over the past year.


“We, along with our excellent students, have worked hard to meet and exceed state and national benchmarks,” Lyndi Shadbolt, director of the Associate Degree Nursing Program, said. “I am extremely proud of everyone whose efforts have once again placed us among the top programs in the state for NCLEX-RN pass rates.”