Joe Wyatt
Published November 21, 2017

It is not too late to join a group of Amarillo College students and faculty who are making plans to spend spring break in France, a unique opportunity open to academic and continuing education students, alike.

AC Paris Travel Homepage ImageAC’s travel-abroad excursion to Paris will be from March 9-15.

It is open to academic students with at least a 2.5 grade point average who enroll in one of several France-apropos courses being offered this spring, and to continuing education students with an interest in French literature.

Eligible academic students who enroll in one of the following classes may also choose to supplement their classroom experience by taking advantage of the accompanying travel-abroad opportunity:

  • Speech: “An American Business in Paris” with Courtney Milleson
  • Art History: “Voulez-vous Musee avec moi (ce soir)?” with Stephanie Jung
  • English: “Vive la Freshman Comp I” with Becky Easton
  • English (Comp II): “Prose, Poetry, and Paris” with Becky Easton
  • English: “Selected Study in Literature” with Becky Easton
  • Humanities: “La Belle Epoque: Arts and Music in Paris” with Dr. Diego Caetano

Additionally, students who enroll in the “Selected Study in Literature” course through AC’s Continuing Education Program also become eligible to sign up for the travel-abroad option.

The faculty members for each class will be making the journey to Paris and tying lesson plans to points of interest along the way – at The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and more. Disneyland Paris is also on the agenda.

The cost to participate is economical thanks to a travel partnership between AC and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. By joining forces, contingents from both schools will enjoy shared group discounts for airfare, accommodations, tour guides and other expenses.

The cost is approximately $3,500 for academic students and $3,700 for continuing education students and includes transportation, hotels, several meals and entry fees to most points of interest.

Also noteworthy: The spring semester begins Jan. 16, yet students will have several weeks thereafter to decide whether or not to take advantage of the travel opportunity. However, they will only have the travel option if they are enrolled in one of the requisite classes, or if they have made prior arrangements with coordinating faculty.

Anyone interested in learning more about this extraordinary travel-abroad opportunity is encouraged to contact Courtney Milleson, travel coordinator and assistant professor of speech communications, at (806) 371-5427 or or Becky Easton, English Department chairperson, at (806) 371-5177 or