Joe Wyatt
Published May 15, 2018

Amarillo College is pleased to announce that it has been ranked 26th nationally in Value Colleges’ Top 50 Best Value Community Colleges of 2018.

Community CollegesValue Colleges, according to its website, is committed to research that identifies institutions that provide the best return on educational investment – “the ones that combine affordability and quality.”


Informing AC of its national ranking, Carrie Sealey-Morris of Value Colleges wrote: “Your place in the VC Best Value ranking tells students that they can trust your school to provide not only an education, but an entry to a rewarding career.”


By aligning its programs with labor market demand and keeping tuition and fees right at the state average of $89 per semester credit hour – well below the national average – Amarillo College has recently experienced across-the-board increases where it truly matters – in student success.


Innovative strategies at the College have led to momentous gains in, among other areas, student learning (10%), fall-to-fall persistence (12%), and graduation/transfer (22%).


The AC Board of Regents and President Russell Lowery-Hart formed a leadership team that brought students to the Regents’ table for meaningful dialogue and input. The team listened to focus groups and utilized secret shoppers to assess College processes, all aimed at eliminating barriers to student success.


“Everything we do at Amarillo College is geared toward student success, and we are gratified by Value Colleges’ recognition of our efforts, our high-quality programs and our affordability,” said Wes Condray-Wright, director of communications and marketing.


“We are fortunate to have passionate and dedicated faculty, staff and leaders who believe that there are no excuses when it comes to eliminating barriers to student success,” he said. “We absolutely believe it when we say ‘Success is Amarillo College.’”