Wesley Condray
Published June 22, 2018

The Thrive Amarillo Scholarship Program is officially launching for students in Amarillo ISD. The partnership of Amarillo College, Amarillo Area Foundation, Amarillo Economic Development Corporation, and Amarillo Independent School District is ready to accept 2018 graduates from all four AISD high schools – including the graduating class of 2018. To qualify for the scholarship, students should have an 80 or higher high school GPA and have never been placed in DAEP.

The program allows students to attend Amarillo College tuition-free for 60 credit hours. For students to receive this scholarship, they will need to do the following three steps:


  1.  Apply to Amarillo College: info.actx.edu/firststep
  2.  Complete the AC Scholarship Application: info.actx.edu/scholarships
  3.  Complete the FAFSA: info.actx.edu/FAFSA -- Even if you don't think you qualify for financial aid, the FAFSA application must be completed.


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We're excited to begin implementing the Thrive Scholarship Program for all students in Amarillo ISD," said Clay Stribling, President and CEO of Amarillo Area Foundation. "We are looking forward to positive outcomes to help Amarillo Thrive economically and educationally." 

The goal of this program is to increase the educated workforce in the Amarillo community and give more students access to living wage jobs. The partners are excited to move forward and begin this important work. Students need to get started now to ensure they are able to get the classes of their choice in the Fall. 

“I am so excited about the future of the Amarillo community,” said Russell Lowery-Hart, president Amarillo College. “Thrive creates a promise for our students’ future success by removing the financial barrier for them to gain a quality post-secondary education.”

“Amarillo College is committed to educating, training, and preparing the future employees and thought leaders for Amarillo. The workforce, economy, and community truly will Thrive with this scholarship program.”

For more information, students and their parents can log on to thriveamarillo.org or email info@thriveamarillo.org