Joe Wyatt
Published October 15, 2019

About 400 high school students from across the Texas Panhandle will converge at Amarillo College’s Washington Street Campus for Media Day – from 8:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 22.

MediaDayINThis free day of workshops and expert training is sponsored by AC’s Matney Mass Media Program, the Texas Association of Journalism Educators, West Texas A&M University, Panhandle PBS and FM90.


Topics that will be covered include photography, graphic design, news writing, social media, video production, media careers and more.


“This is a great opportunity for students to learn about the many career opportunities available in media-related industries,” said Jill Gibson, AC chair of media, arts and communication. “Last year was our first time to hold this event and clearly it was successful, so we are looking forward to doing even more this year to expose students to the multitude of exciting options in media careers.”


Media Day will feature special guest Dr. Kenna Griffin, whose professional experience includes nearly two decades serving as a collegiate media adviser and mass communication professor. She is the president-elect of the national College Media Association and regularly speaks on newsroom leadership at national and local collegiate journalism conferences. She also serves as a resource on these topics via her media blog,


Dr. Griffin will present the keynote address at 8:30 a.m. at Ordway Hall, kicking off Media Day and a series of workshops for both high school and college students throughout the day.


“I would definitely recommend Media Day,” Caylee Hanna, a current AC mass media major, said. Hanna attended the event last year when she was a senior at Caprock High School.


“The guest speakers shared their experiences and explained how they got into the positions they are in. It really let you explore media careers on a deeper level,” she said.


Other featured presenters will include Dusty Green, the host and producer of the nationally syndicated travel television series “Two for the Road;” Jason Boyett, professional writer and host and creator of the “Hey Amarillo” podcast; Tracy Barnett, owner of Portraits by Tracy; Kelly Podzemny, the communications and marketing manager for the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center and School of Pharmacy in Amarillo; and Joe Corbisiero, the video production manager for the Amarillo Sod Poodles.


Hands-on sessions in darkroom photo developing, video editing, animation, graphic design and layout and more will be offered, and students will have the opportunity to tour Panhandle PBS, FM90 and the Washington Street Campus.


Here are the locations, times and topics of each activity and workshop.


Ordway Auditorium, Ordway Hall

8:30-9:15 Welcome and Kenna Griffin Keynote

11-12:15 Lunch and Dusty Green


Parcells 213

Session A: 9:30 -10:05 Joe Wyatt: Public Relations

Session B: 10:15-10:50 David Lovejoy: Radio news

Session C: 12:30-1:05 Mike Haynes: Sports writing

Session D: 1:15-2 Mike Haynes: Sports writing


Parcells 215

Session B: 10:15-10:50 Bailie Myers: That # Agency Life


Parcells 217

Session A: 9:30 -10:05 Catherine McGovern: Graphic Design Careers

Session B: 10:15-10:50 Karen Welch: Journalism Careers

Session C: 12:30-1:05: Sadie Newsome: Social Media Marketing

Session D: 1:15-2 Savannah Tarbet: Public Relations & Social Media


Parcells 220

Session A/B 9:30-10:50  Brian Frank & Scotty Vanderford: Video Production hands-on

Session C/D: 12:30-2 Maddisun Fowler: In-Design hands-on


Parcells 312

Session C: 12:30-1:05 Jaime Carrillo: Motion Graphics and Animation

Session D: 1:15-2 Jaime Carrillo: Motion Graphics and Animation


Parcells 316 A

Session A/B 9:30-10:50 Brent Cavanaugh: Darkroom hands-on

Session C/D: 12:30-2 Brent Cavanaugh: Darkroom hands-on


Parcells 319

Session A/B 9:30-10:50: Emily Prisk: Portrait Photography hands-on

Session C/D: 12:30-2 Tracy Barnett: Studio Lighting and Posing


Parcells 406

Session A: 9:30 -10:05 Amy Presley: Intro to Audio, Radio & Podcasting

Session B: 10:15-10:50 Hilary Hulsey: Panhandle PBS / Video Production

Session C: 12:30-1:05 Nolyn Hill: Freelance Videography

Session D: 1:15-2 Jim Laughlin: Recording Arts


Parcells 408

Session A: 9:30 -10:05 Quintin Marquez: Producing TV News

Session B: 10:15-10:50 Quintin Marquez: Sports Videography

Session C: 12:30-1:05 Derek Weathersbee: Typography and Graphic Design

Session D: 1:15-2 Derek Weathersbee: Typography and Graphic Design


Dutton 101

Session A: 9:30 -10:05 Chip Chandler: Social Media & Arts & Entertainment Reporting

Session B: 10:15-10:50 Jesse Melson: Marketing and Communications

Session C: 12:30-1:05

Session D: 1:15-2 Joe Corbisiero: Careers in Broadcast Sports Media


Dutton 103

Session A: 9:30 -10:05 Nancy Garcia: Fact-Checking and Accuracy

Session B: 10:15-10:50 Nancy Garcia: International Journalism

Session C: 12:30-1:05 David Gay: Newspaper Reporting

Session D: 1:15-2 WT Students: Storytelling for Social Media


Dutton 105

Session A: 9:30 -10:05 Jason Boyett: Freelance Writing

Session B: 10:15-10:50 Jason Boyett: Podcasting

Session C: 12:30-1:05 Dusty Green: Q&A Session

Session D: 1:15-2 WT Students: Feature and News Writing


Dutton 201
Session A: 9:30 -10:05 Kelly Podzemny: Social Media

Session B: 10:15-10:50

Session C: 12:30-1:05

Session D: 1:15-2


Dutton 203

Session A: 9:30 -10:05 Kenna Griffin: Newsroom Leadership

Session B: 10:15-10:50 Kenna Griffin: Covering Trauma

Session C: 12:30-1:05 Kenna Griffin: Watchin’ the Dogs

Session D: 1:15-2 Kenna Griffin: Motivating Staffers


Dutton 205

Session A: 9:30 -10:05 Ruth De Anda: Careers in Media & the Arts

Session B: 10:15-10:50 Tony Freeman: The Printing Process/Business

Session B: 10:15-10:50 Maddisun Fowler: Design Sins

Session C: 12:30-1:05 Kevin Welch: TV & Newspaper Journalism

Session D: 1:15-2 Randy Ray: Travel Documentaries


Campus Tours

Session C: 12:30-1:05 and Session D: 1:15-2 Meet in front of Byrd/Parcells


PBS/FM90 studio tours

Session A: 9:30 -10:05 and Session B: 10:15-10:50 Meet by TV Studio (Parcells 106) Gilvin Broadcast Center


For more information about Media Day, please contact Jill Gibson at or 806-433-1001.