Joe Wyatt
Published January 30, 2020

Amarillo College is pleased to announce that its Testing Center has been awarded prestigious Test Center Certification by the National College Testing Association (NCTA).

Testing Center INFive-year NCTA certifications are awarded by virtue of exemplary practices and require several months to achieve.


Criteria for certification are rigorous and are based on the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines, which were developed to guide post-secondary test centers in the delivery of quality testing programs.


“NCTA sets the standard in the testing industry, so this certification demonstrates our mastery of the industry’s best practices,” said Stephanie Brackett, director of Testing Services at AC.


“We are proud of this accomplishment,” she said. “It assures students and community members that our Testing Center expertise is confirmed by the leading professional organization in collegiate test administration, and that we operate at the highest accepted standards for all types of testing.”


AC’s Testing Center provides various testing services for prospective and current AC students, and for members of the community – from providing testing accommodations for students with disabilities to ACT and SAT testing, dual credit assessment testing, proctored exams, and more.


The Testing Center proactively began its quest for NCTA certification almost 11 months ago, readily subjecting its policies and procedures, its room-setup structure and even its proctor protocol to NCTA scrutiny. The effort was a success.


NCTA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of professionalism and high-quality service in the administration of testing programs. It offers certification to college and university test centers that demonstrate exemplary practices and has a membership of more than 2,200 testing professionals from 650 institutions of higher learning.