Joe Wyatt
Published November 10, 2016

A major gift from Bruckner’s Truck Sales – a 2016 Mack MP7 engine valued at $35,000 – has given students studying diesel technology at Amarillo College a superior piece of machinery on which to hone their skills.

Diesel Engine storyOwnership and management of Bruckner’s presented the pristine engine to AC’s Kritser Diesel Program at a brief ceremony Nov. 9 at the East Campus.

“This is a great new piece of technology that will help our students become better prepared to take their places in the workforce,” Derek Lyon, instructor of diesel technology, said. “This is extremely beneficial technology that will be relevant for at least the next 10 years, and we are very thankful to receive it.”

Instructor Billy Barclay said the gift will enhance the program significantly.’

“I believe this new engine is going to boost our program and make it bigger, better and stronger,” he said.

Bruckner’s President Brian Bruckner told students who gathered around the new engine that they were training for “great careers in high-paying jobs,” and his company is pleased by the opportunity to support their efforts.

“This engine represents the latest in technology and meets all the greenhouse gas emissions standards,” Mr. Bruckner said. “I think it’s a great opportunity for students. Bruckner’s is grateful for the opportunity to support this outstanding program at Amarillo College.”

AC diesel student Julissa Gallego said she can hardly wait to become immersed in the new engine’s advanced electronic technology.

“A lot of the engines now are becoming a great deal more electronic,” she said. “This will give all of us a much better idea of what we’ll be dealing with when we go out looking for jobs.”