Joe Wyatt
Published April 22, 2020

Amarillo College Student Media captured a total of 24 awards in the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association’s previously published work contest. The results of the contest were announced April 20, and reflect work done during 2019.

Success Is AC NewshpAmong the prizes were six first-place awards, including overall excellence in television program; seven second-place awards, including overall excellence in newspaper and honorable mention in overall excellence in general magazine and website.


The victory is bittersweet, said Jill Gibson, AC’s chair of media, arts and communication. “Usually these prizes for previously published work are announced at our annual convention, which was scheduled this year in Corpus Christi,” said Gibson.


“Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, we had to cancel the event.”

Nevertheless, Gibson said she and her co-adviser, Maddisun Fowler, are very proud of their students’ achievements.


“The prizes validate that AC students can complete against students at two and four-year colleges and universities across Texas,” said Fowler, who is also student media coordinator and a mass media instructor. “Of course, the goal is learning and hands-on experience, but the awards let us know that our students excel.”


Gibson noted that she was pleased to see prizes in audio, video, illustration and design categories. “This shows the students are doing well in multiple media areas and are well-prepared for careers in this competitive industry.” She said she was particularly proud of the staff’s multimedia coverage of the AC bond election and master plan, which garnered a first-place award.


AC Student Media serves the college by producing the student newspaper, The Ranger, which is distributed in print on campus and at; the student magazine, The Current, which is published every semester, and a variety of video and audio productions, including The AC Report, Ranger Ramblings and Badger B.S.


Students also operate FM-90, the college’s 100,000 watt radio station, advised by Amy Presley, the station program director. Don Abel, a mass media assistant professor, teaches video production and Derek Weathersbee, a graphic design instructor, provides guidance on typography and layout.


“In journalism, you learn early on that there is more than one way to tell a story, be it through a newspaper, radio, video or even social media. And at AC, we learn it all,” said Lauren Ebben, editor of The Ranger. “Student media provides a wide range of opportunities we use daily to create and share news and other content with the college.


“Working with some phenomenal instructors who understand the importance of a hard deadline, we get the hands-on experience we need in order to succeed in the field of communications. We learn how to tell a story the right way, with facts and figures and reliable sources. We make our mistakes now so we don't make them later. From a story idea to the final product, we learn what it takes to be a good journalist. I'm honored to be part of such a great program and proud of the work everyone has accomplished,” she said.


TIPA is the nation’s oldest state collegiate press association. The group’s members include more than 60 Texas colleges and universities, two-year and four-year; private and public. Since its formation in 1909, TIPA has grown into one of the largest and most respected collegiate groups in the country.


2019 TIPA Awards

Feature News Reporting, honorable mention – Nathaniel Montoya, “Veterans Club”

Feature News Reporting, second place – Marc Pamplona, “Cops and Robbers”

Feature News Reporting, third place – Daniel Pineda, “Automotive Program”

General News Audio, first place – Kipper Sinclair, “Bon Election Proposed”

General News Audio, honorable mention – Isabelle Link, “Student Leadership”

General News Video, first place – Marc Pamplona, “Election Coverage”

In-Depth Multimedia Story, first place – Ranger Staff, “Bond Election”

Multimedia Feature, honorable mention – Ranger Staff, “Academic Dishonesty”

Multimedia Slideshow, third place – Isabelle Link, Jeremy Stitsworth, “Ordway Update”

Editorial Cartoon, honorable mention – Bailea Dooley, “Sexist Costumes”

Illustration, first place – Shawn McCrea, “Look of a Cheater”

Advertising/PSA/Promo-Audio, first place – Jake Day, “Rock of Ages”

Advertising/PSA/Promo-Video, second place – Kipper Sinclair, “Dove Creek Equine Rescue”

Feature Page/Spread Design-Newspaper, second place – Kim Reid, “Vinylthon”

Overall Design-Newspaper, third place – Ranger Staff, “Dia de los Muertos”

Program Production-Audio, second place – Jessika Fulton, Caylee Hanna, “Ranger Ramblings Conspiracy Theories”

Program Production-Video, second place – Daniel Pineda, “Mala Noche”

Special Edition Design-Print, second place – Claire Ekas, “Civics Week”

Overall Design-Magazine, honorable mention – Mackenzie Farmer, Lauren Ebben, Salvador Gutierrez, “Spring 2019”

Overall Excellence-General Magazine, honorable mention – Lauren Ebben, Current Staff, “Fall 2019”

Story Package Design-Magazine, honorable mention – Lauren Ebben, “Art of Print”

Overall Excellence-Newspaper, second place – Ranger Staff, “The Ranger”

Overall Excellence-TV Program, first place – The AC Report, “AC Report Newscast”

Overall Excellence-Website, honorable mention – Ranger Staff, “Three Links from Website”