Joe Wyatt
Published May 19, 2020

Each spring, Amarillo College recognizes its most outstanding students at a formal and celebratory Honors Convocation, which this year had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Success Is AC NewsNevertheless, the College has commended and extends congratulations to the following students for their significant academic achievements:


Only one (2 in nursing) student from each major is nominated from each department based on the following criteria:

  • academic standing
  • growth while at Amarillo College
  • work within the department, college or community
  • future potential for contribution to the major area

The students' performance is judged through the end of the FALL SEMESTER. They must have been enrolled during the academic year in question, but may have graduated the previous fall semester. Their grade point average should be at least 3.0 in the major and overall. 

Name                                                       Major

Gina M. Alvarez                                       Environmental Science, A.S.

Ashley M. Atkins                                      Social Work, A.S.

Edgardo Avitia                                         Automotive Collision Technology - Intermediate, Certificate

Britney N. Baker                                      Dental Hygiene, A.A.S.

Thomas R. Bales                                     Music, A.S.

Said A. Barraza                                       Advanced Diesel Technology, Certificate

Jane W. Beery                                         Advanced Business Management, Certificate

Shelby R. Boone                                     Radiography, A.A.S.

Drew M. Carman                                     Aviation Maintenance Technology - Airframe Mechanic, Certificate

Nataley E. Carrington                              Pre-Nursing, A.A.S.

Tara J. Chandler                                      Business Management, A.A.S.

Travis A. Clark                                         Physical Therapist Assistant, A.A.S.

Brandi K. Cogdill                                      Theatre, A.S.

Jade R. Cordova                                     Surgical Technology, A.A.S.

Laura K. Danley                                       English, A.A.

Cory M. Dennis                                        Computer Network Administration, Certificate

Lauren P. Ebben                                     Mass Media, A.S.

Paulina A. Fernandez-Mendoza              Engineering, A.S.

Edyth Flores                                            Respiratory Care, A.A.S.

Gisabelle M. Gonzalez                            Diesel Technology, A.A.S.

Jessica L. Gudgell                                   Vocational Nursing, Certificate (Spring)

Belia Y. Guerrero                                    Surgical Technology, Certificate.

Hayden S. Hand                                      Biology. A.S.

Charles L. Helton                                     Mortuary Science, Certificate

Michelle D. Hill                                         Vocational Nursing, Certificate (Fall)

Dana B. Hogue                                        General Studies, A..S.

Anna A. Jacobsen                                   Mathematics, A.S.

Destiny S. Kranthoven                            Social Science, A.S.

Jessica L. Maestas                                  Pharmacy Technology, Certificate

Mariah "Shawn" McCrea                         Photography, A.A.S.

Zackery S. McFarlin                                Automotive Technology, A.A.S.

Brooke A. McGuire                                  Mortuary Science, A.A.S.

Griffin C. McUne                                     Physics, A.S.

Niloufar Mehrabkhani                              Chemistry, A.S.

Andrea C. Mitchell                                   Nuclear Medicine, A.S.

Eric S. Monroe                                         Aviation Maintenance Technology - Powerplant, A.A.S.

Cassy L. Monzingo                                  Sonography, A.A.S.

Luis A. Moreno                                        Drafting, A.A.S.

Joseph Muu                                             Automotive Technology - Basic Automotive, Certificate

Kellen R. Parker                                      Engineering - Computer Science, A.S.

Lindsey L. Parker                                    Radiation Therapy, A.A.S.

Samantha K. Parker                                Arts, A.S.

Kasmir R. Perez                                      Dental Assisting, Certificate

Julie K. Rambin                                       Associate Degree Nursing, A.A.S. (Fall)

Mykala D. Robertson                               Horticulture, A.S.

Shawn M. Saker                                      Diesel Transportation Technician, A.A.S.

Krystal D. San Miguel                              Business Technology Professional, Certificate

Taylor K. Sheldon                                    Medical Laboratory Technology, A.A.S.

Rachyl L. Stabel                                      Clinical Medical Assistant, Certificate

Alanna Stephens                                     Emergency Medical Services Professions, Certificate

Richard B. Todd                                       Emergency Medical Services Professions, A.A.S.

Tabitha H. Trevizo                                   Associate Degree Nursing, A.A.S. (Spring)

Tayte M. Trice                                         Basic Diesel Technology, Certificate

Tina L. Tuell                                             Legal Studies, Certificate

Tali R. Tyme                                            Psychology, A.S.

Jesse N. Valdez                                       Clinical Medical Assistant, A.A.S.

Bailey R. Walker                                      Occupational Therapy Assistant, A.A.S.

Lynn M. Walker                                       General Studies-Education, A.S.

Nicole Y. Wegman                                  Business Administration, A.S.

Nathaniel Worthington                             Coding and Design, Certificate

These students are nominated each year to the All-USA Academic Team. These students are awarded scholarships from the Foundation and are automatically members of the All-Texas Academic Team.

Name                                                       Award

Karalee Tiller                                           All-USA

Tatheana S. Finney                                 All-USA

Chloe Pumphrey                                     All-USA

These students are selected by the department or campus.
Names of these students will be added to plaques and trophies that are displayed around campus throughout the year.

Name                                                       Award

Brittaney M. Gomez                                Hinkson Memorial Campus Outstanding Student Award

Darrian L. Ward                                       Moore County Campus Outstanding Student Award

Luara K. Danley                                       Lucille King Lynn English Award

Jayden M. Preciado                                Artle J. Lynn Engineering Award

Jake Day                                                 Jerome C. McDonough Award