Joe Wyatt
Published November 17, 2016

We first met Yulissa Sandoval in August as she eagerly anticipated her first semester at Amarillo College. We caught up with her again at the semester’s midpoint and found that her enthusiasm for AC not only remains intact, it seems perpetually set on a goal of ultimately completing her academic pursuits.



“So far it’s going wonderfully,” the Palo Duro High School graduate beamed between classes at Parcells Hall. “I’m learning a lot. All my teachers are fantastic. They take their time to teach us so we understand the topic perfectly.”

A graphic design major with leanings toward the world of animation, Yulissa’s gung-ho mindset was established even before fall classes actually began. She and her parents were on hand in August for AC’s Family Night, an event to help familiarize new students with the College’s buildings, services and people.

For Yulissa, the event provided her a first look into following her dreams.

“It’s best to pick a college that your heart belongs to,” Yulissa said. “For me it was Amarillo College, and I’m glad I picked it.”