College Launches CEO Council and new Adams Earn & Learn Program

by Joe Wyatt
Published October 1, 2020

Amarillo College on Oct. 1 launched the Adams Earn & Learn Program, a new work-based learning initiative for the Amarillo Community. Applications for The Adams Earn & Learn Program, which will pair Amarillo talent with participating local businesses through apprenticeships arranged by Amarillo College, will open Oct. 2.

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“The global economy and the nature of work are fundamentally changing,” said Dr. Lowery-Hart, President of Amarillo College. “Many area residents have either been left behind, fallen out of the traditional educational system, or did not have the opportunity to keep up in the first place. Together, through the Adams Earn & Learn program, we can rethink education and skill development to establish long-term career pathways that are accessible to the local workforce and Amarillo students.”

The Adams Earn & Learn Program will be supported by Amarillo College’s new CEO Council. Founding members of the CEO Council, including co-chairs Jorge Ramirez and Jerry Rohane, joined Dr. Lowery-Hart for the event. 

“The Adams Earn & Learn Program will add an essential element to Amarillo’s workforce development,” said Rohane, CEO of Western Builders. “Amarillo has the talent to fill needed jobs in our community, and this program will allow us to provide that talent with the hands-on training they need to build a career – and a future – here in Amarillo.”

The CEO Council, the first initiative of AC's new Innovation Outpost, will champion new programs to support skills development and technical training for Amarillo talent. In addition to providing industry feedback on programs, including the Adams Earn & Learn apprenticeship program, many founding CEO Council members will host our first class of participants for a paid apprenticeship program starting January 2021.

“The future of Amarillo’s economy and workforce depends on our commitment to train the next generation of leaders and experts,” added Ramirez, Owner and Architect Principal at Höhe Design Group. “As members of the CEO Council, we are investing in the future of our community. Through these apprenticeships we will help spur the digital transformation of Amarillo’s business community and workforce.”

The Adams Earn & Learn Program at Amarillo College is designed to be a 12- to 24-month work-based learning model that allows for growth and flexibility for both the employer and the candidate.

“Amarillo College is committed to providing work-based learning to 10,000 Adams Earn & Learn Program candidates by 2030,” Dr. Lowery-Hart said. “The program is open to any interested candidates – you do not need to be a current AC student to apply.”

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