AC enlists interactive digital billboards to thank COVID heroes

by Joe Wyatt Published December 17, 2020

Amarillo College stands united in its support of all the essential COVID-19 heroes who continue to toil tirelessly on behalf of everyone affected by the pandemic in Amarillo and the entire Texas Panhandle.


Now, AC invites the whole community to join a crescendo of encouragement and thanks that transcends the College and universally honors the army of selfless professionals who continue making a difference.


The College has merged its social media with digital outdoor advertising so that anyone, by using the hashtag #ACSalutes when posting on Instagram or Twitter, can share personal messages of appreciation.


Also, when posting to Facebook, one need only mention @Amarillo College.


Some selected posts will be temporarily featured in chat bubbles on billboards strategically placed throughout Amarillo that AC has enlisted for its civic initiative.


“Our community continues to experience heartache wrought by this unimaginable pandemic, but I cannot imagine the depths our despair might have reached were it not for the valiant efforts of our myriad COVID-19 heroes,” AC President Russell Lowery-Hart said.


“I hope everyone will join us in a concerted show of digital support for those whose sacrifice is making a difference in the face of great adversity – from healthcare professionals and first responders to members of the transportation and logistics workforce, and everyone in auxiliary support. They have not wavered in their commitment to all. None of these heroes should be unsung.”


AC is no stranger to a sizeable segment of COVID-19 heroes. For example, the College trains almost 70 percent of the region’s registered nurses, and close to 100 percent of the area’s emergency medical services personnel attend AC.


Not to be discounted are AC’s distinguished programs in respiratory therapy, truck driving, law enforcement and others, without which the regional response to the present crisis obviously would be curtailed.


More than a dozen digital billboards have been enlisted by the College for the express purpose of honoring COVID-19 heroes, and AC is grateful to its generous partners at Lamar Advertising, Burkett Outdoor and Choice Media.