VP Mark White to spearhead Amarillo College’s athletics program

by Joe Wyatt
Published January 14, 2021

Amarillo College has officially commenced laying the groundwork for establishing an intercollegiate athletics program by placing the entire initiative under the direction of Mark White, executive vice president and general counsel.

Mark WhiteIN  

White, who as vice president is firmly focused on AC’s community-relations efforts, is now additionally responsible for the development, management, coordination and supervision of a new athletics program.


AC Regents approved the creation of a competitive intercollegiate athletics program on Dec. 1, and the College tentatively expects to begin competing in three sports in the fall of 2022.


White’s title – executive vice president and general counsel – will remain as is; however, White essentially becomes AC’s director of athletics, as well.


It is a role the College is required to fill by its accrediting agency, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Having a director of athletics in place is also a requirement of two organizations in which AC is applying for inclusion: the National Junior College Athletic Association and the Western Junior College Athletic Association.


“In order to build a first-class athletics program, you’ve got to build external relationships and pay close attention to those relationships, and that’s in keeping with my role at the College,” White said.


“There is also a complex set of legal requirements, regulatory issues, bylaws and contracts to deal with when applying for memberships and launching a program like this, and general counsel is another of the hats I wear at the College.”


AC, which has not participated in intercollegiate athletics since the mid-1980s, will return to the competitive arena with teams in men’s baseball, women’s volleyball, and men’s and women’s cross country.


If the new programs prove successful, additional sports may be added to the mix over time.


As director of the athletics program, White is charged with providing visionary leadership, strategic planning and policy development. Additionally, he will administer the overall athletics budget, recruit and manage a coaching staff, and ensure compliance with myriad policies, rules and regulations – local to national.


“Since our Regents approved the new athletics program, the College has received an overwhelmingly positive public response,” White said.


“People are excited and the offer of support has been amazing. I’m looking forward to working with all our constituents as we build this program from the ground up.”