Joe Wyatt
Published December 7, 2016

An Amarillo College program designed to propel underprepared students to academic success and into the workforce received a prestigious first-place award today in Houston.

AELgrantHPThe special recognition included a check for $55,000 from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

AC’s Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) Program was presented with an AEL Performance Quality Improvement Award for College Integration at the 20th Annual Texas Workforce Conference.

TWC awards recognize exemplary AEL program performance, and the $55,000 first-place award is intended to further support the superlative initiatives that led to the program’s recognition.

Improving seamless integration of the AEL program into the College mainstream has been a priority the past two years at AC.                                                                              

AEL students at AC are not differentiated from other students at the college. AEL students have access to all the resources the College has to offer, including, full access to the Intranet and email system.

AEL students also receive equitable advising, complete financial aid assistance, even the presence of AEL support staff in credit-bearing classes for which students can now obtain College credit at the same time they complete developmental requirements.