Carter Fitness Center


Carter Fitness Center Renovation, Washington Street Campus

Purpose: To upgrade restrooms, locker rooms and gymnasium to accommodate intercollegiate athletics.

• January 2021 – With the AC Board of Regents having approved establishment of an Intercollegiate Athletics program, including women’s volleyball, Sims Architects (formerly Lavin Associates) is tasked with moving forward on designs to accommodate competitive volleyball now, and potentially basketball in the future. Additionally, it is determined that Community Enrichment will not be permanently located in the facility. Sims is currently re-developing a schematic plan that provides for athletics, while reducing the size of any expansion.

• November 2020 – The project is temporarily on hold as the architects await two decisions: Office space requirements if the Community Enrichment department is to be permanently housed in the facility, which may require some facility expansion; and Whether or not an intercollegiate athletics program will become a reality.

• October 2020 – Architect Lavin Associates prepared three conceptual ideas for Carter Fitness improvements. They have started some designs; however, they are limited by a pending decision by the College about whether or not to reinstate intercollegiate athletics, which may largely affect the project as a whole.


Carter Fitness Center 2

Carter Fitness Center 3