Order Textbooks Using Financial Aid


Dates for Using Financial Aid

Spring 2018
Purchase books using financial aid beginning January 8, 2018 through January 19, 2018.

Online orders placed between January 2nd and January 11th (5:00 p.m.) will qualify for Free FedEx Shipping for Amarillo, Canyon, and distance education students. All orders with a destination address of the city of Hereford or Dumas will be sent to their corresponding campus free of charge.

Using Financial Aid in the Amarillo College Bookstore

To purchase your textbooks at the Amarillo College Bookstore, you will need an AC ID and a printed class schedule. Students may use financial aid to purchase textbooks and necessary school supplies. Students may also choose to use the AC Virtual ID in-store by using the following link. Please note that some classes require additional supplies not listed on the online bookstore, refer to your class syllabus for a list of required materials.

Ordering with Financial Aid Outside Amarillo Area

For students residing outside the Amarillo area, you may still purchase textbooks online and use financial aid to complete your purchase. You may order textbooks and have your order shipped to Moore County Campus or the Hereford Campus free of charge. You may also have your order shipped via FedEx Ground, shipping charges will apply.