Policies and Procedures

Release Forms:

Any person who uses the Carter Fitness Center must fill out & sign an AC Waiver of Liability (PAR-Q) form which will be filed at the front desk pending each semester.

Members’ IDs:

IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD A NEW ID CARD MADE SINCE APRIL, PLEASE DO SO BEFORE ENTERING OUR FACILITIES. The older ID's have your social security number as the barcode, and the new ones have a Colleague ID number instead. This has been done for your protection. College ID cards must be used each time you enter the gym. Simply slide the card through the scanners on top of the front desk counter. The card should be facing the attendant – photo side facing attendant. Lost or stolen card must be replaced for $2 at AskAC Counter on the Washington Street Campus.

Food & Drinks:

No food or drinks other than water in screw-top containers is allowed except in vending area.

Photo IDs:

Everybody entering the facility must show a student or membership ID upon entering the gym.


Shoes are required. No black marking shoes are allowed on the gym floor. Court shoes are recommended. Please check for mud on shoes before entry.

Fitness & Weight Room Regulations:

  1. Academic PHED classes have priority over all equipment.
  2. Share the use of the equipment with others.
  3. No sleeveless, tank tops or torn/altered shirts allowed.
  4. No short half shirts, must be length of a regular t-shirt.
  5. No jeans, pants with zippers or belts allowed; no opened toed shoes allowed.
  6. Read instructions thoroughly before using machines & use equipment at your own risk.
  7. Do not slam or drop weights & return all weights & other equipment to color coded racks.
  8. Stow duffle bags/back packs in lockers or designated storeroom. Items should not come into contact with equipment.
  9. Only stereos with headphones allowed.
  10. Refrain from unnecessary loud & annoying grunting.
  11. Feel free to ask for assistance if needed.

Age Limitations:

  • Must be 16 for unrestricted use of the facility

  • Children ages 15 and under must be under strict supervision of parent or guardian.

  • Children ages 13-15 may use the weight or cardio rooms, but must be supervised by parent/guardian.

  • Children ages 12 and under are not allowed in the weight or cardio rooms.

  • The use of the facility by children under the age of 10 will be limited to only times when prescribed programs and activities are scheduled for that age group.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO infants or toddlers are to be left unattended while working out in any area of CFC.

Aerobic Room:

All step & slide equipment, mats, hand weights, gloves & weight bars must be stored in designated area when not in use. The aerobic room may be used by members when PHED class is not being held.


Doors between the north & south gymnasium will remain open except during the scheduled tennis classes & scheduled tennis court times. The walk/jog track may not be used during scheduled tennis times.

Tennis Regulations:

Tennis may be played in the gyms at scheduled times only so that nets can be set up & so that conflicts will not occur between academic & intramural events.

Basketball Regulations:

Basketball may be played in the gyms at scheduled times only so that nets can be set up & conflicts with academic classes & intramurals do not occur. 

Walking & Jogging Track Regulations:

Walk/jog in the direction indicated on the signs posted around the track. Slow traffic should keep to the gym side of the track. Specific times are scheduled for walking & jogging only. If you walk/jog during times that are not scheduled times, other activities may disrupt walkers/joggers or vice versa. During non-scheduled times, other activities may take first priority & walkers/joggers may have to walk around the gym only.

Faculty & Staff Locker Room:

Lockers are rented on a first come, first serve basis to faculty and staff members. Lockers rent for $5 per semester. Locker rooms are set up with a keypad door for security purposes.

Student Locker Rooms:

Lockers are rented by the semester for $10 each. Lockers will be rented on a first come, first serve basis beginning of each semester. Community locker rentals are for the length of the membership purchased.  Notice given to allow students/members to remove all items from lockers.

Daily Lockers:

Daily lockers are available in each changing room. Bring your own lock and secure your personal items in any of the open lockers in the center of the room/or locker that are indicated by a sign. The Carter Fitness Center and Amarillo College are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Items left in lockers overnight will be removed & placed in lost & found.

Lost & Found:

Lost articles are kept at the control desk until the end of the day. Ask the front desk attendant for reclaiming article(s).


Members are only paged at the front desk for emergency messages. We will try to post messages at the front desk.

Profanity & Fighting:

Profanity & or fighting on the premises will result in immediate removal from the premises.

No Smoking or Tobacco:

Smoking, chewing & dipping are prohibited at CFC.