Licensed Irrigator Training Class (40 state accredited hours)

Course Summary:

  • Includes (but not limited to) training in basic irrigation principles, hydraulics, irrigation components, installation and maintenance, design with focus on water conservation, terminology, Texas irrigation rules, regulations and standards and irrigation history. Because of the industry trend in water conservation, major emphasis will be in designing landscape irrigation systems that will promote water savings.
  • Course includes lecture and hundreds of practice exercises and calculations to prepare students for the field and the Texas state irrigator exam. In addition, students will be required to design 3+ irrigation plans. Solutions to all the exercises are in the appendix. Questions and interaction will be encouraged throughout the entire learning process. 



This training includes water conservation, irrigation terminology, components, hydraulics, installation, maintenance, and the New Texas rules and regulations. New state law requires that a licensed irrigation technician and/or a licensed irrigator be on each irrigation site at all times.  Implementation date was January 1, 2010. This class will be offered on a per need basis. Please call (806) 371-2923 to place your name on the list. A class will be scheduled according to student needs and instructor availability. 


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