Criminal Background Check

A Criminal Background check is required prior to registering. Students must order a background check online at Students must submit a Student Background check and choose Amarillo College Continuing Education as the school to send it to.

Cost of the background check is $53.58. (Financial aid does not cover the cost of the background check.)

Programs Requiring a Criminal Background Check

  • Certified Nurse Aid (CNA)
  • Phlebotomy
  • EKG Tech
  • Patient Care Tech

Background Check Instructions PDF (short)

Background Check Instructions PDF (full)

Video Walkthrough of Background Check Instructions

Part 1 - Getting to Precheck and creating an account.


Part 2 - Signing the disclosures.


Part 3 - Filling out your personal information.


Part 4 - Completing your residence and criminal history.


Part 5 - Signing and paying for the background check.