Campus Tour

Tours of Amarillo College campuses are available throughout the academic year.  Interested students should complete the online tour request form or contact the Recruiting Department at the following numbers:

Individual tours or a group of less than five individuals:

AC Recruiting Department

Washington Street Campus

Student Service Center—office 176


Group tours of more than five individuals:

Amy Guerrero

Recruitment Specialist—Student Affairs

Washington Street Campus

Student Service Center—office 175


Richie R. Garza

Recruitment Coordinator—Student Affairs

Washington Street Campus

Student Service Center—office 176


Campus Tour Policies

  • Two weeks notice required for any campus tour.
  • Tours are available Monday-Thursday, 8:00am-3:00pm.
  • Tours will not be available during semester’s final exam week.
  • Group tours require one sponsor for every ten students.
  • Group tours that are greater than 30 participants are conducted on Friday only.
  • Guests to Amarillo College will be required to adhere to Amarillo College policies.

Tips for a Successful Tour

  1. Invite your parents.  We’d love to meet them, too.
  2. Develop a list of questions and ask them during your tour.  Our tour guides enjoy sharing everything about Amarillo College with you.
  3. Allow enough time to get a comprehensive visit to our campus.  What were your likes and dislikes?  How did you feel on campus?
  4. Parking can be a challenge, so it is best to arrive early.  Rest assure, a parking permit is not required on our campuses.
  5. Make follow-up visits to areas of interest.  For example: Financial Aid, Advising Department, Testing Center, etc.
  6. Need further help?  Please contact AskAC (806)371-5000.

Need Help?
AskAC (806) 371-5000