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Easily Link to Files to Blackboard from Google Drive

by Heather Voran
Published August 26, 2020

Blackboard has a great new feature that you may not know about. It's called Browse Cloud Storage

Have you ever received a message in Blackboard that a file won't upload because your course is full? Or have you had students create presentations or assignments to upload to an assignment dropbox, only to find the file is too big for Blackboard? These scenarios can be frustrating for everyone involved. 

You may not be aware that Blackboard charges Amarillo College by the amount of space we use, not the number of students enrolled. Because of this, the storage space in each Blackboard course is limited.

By contrast, the storage on all employee and student Google for Education accounts is unlimited, so we really encourage faculty and students to store documents in Google Drive and link them rather than uploading them directly to Blackboard. This used to be a relatively time-consuming process, but not any longer!

Watch the video below to learn how to create and share a file in Google Drive, then easily use the Browse Cloud Storage feature to link it to Blackboard.