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Scavenger Hunt - CTL Website

by Heather Voran
Published September 9, 2020

Be the first to send an email to with the titles of the pages where each of the items below are found, and WIN a bundle of AC SWAG:


  1. An embedded video of Alan Kee's summer presentation called Help for Stressful Life Situations: An REBT Approach to Coping with COVID-19.
  2. The phrase "Start with the end in mind by applying backward design".
  3. The link to a document called "Hire to Retire Pathway".
  4. The link to request a development shell.
  5. A list of the five instructional models for teaching this fall (you don't have to list them, just tell us where you found them).
  6. The "Manager of Blackboard Support & Services"?
  7. The phrase "examine theories of motivation and cognitive engagement in learning".
  8. The guiding principles of CTL.
  9. A video instructing you how to link files from Google Drive to Blackboard.
  10. The phrase "We need to engage our students more, and certainly, there are many technologies that will do that."