Professional Learning Track Teaching

The participants in this Teaching Track will use pedagogical research to apply learning techniques in their courses that will enable them to support our AC students to success.

Professional Learning Outcomes (PLO):
At the end of the Technology Track, the participant will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of engagement, by articulating the role engagement plays in fostering active learning, higher retention rates, and overall student success.

  • Apply Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Principles to create inclusive instructional materials that benefit all students.

  • Describe the potential benefits of integrating AI in higher education, such as personalized learning and enhanced student engagement.

  • Encourage lifelong learning through continuing education,professional development, and upskilling, both for faculty members and students in a rapidly changing world.

  • Implement Active Learning Strategies that inherently engage students and maintain their attention.

  • Promote personalized learning by discovering how offering choice and incorporating students interest into curriculum can increase student engagement and participation.

  • Analyze and implement best practices for using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for learning.

  • Create Inclusive Learning Environments by exploring strategies that respect and leverage students diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

  • Collaborate with campus resources to ensure seamless service integration for students.  

Online Modules (30-40 minutes each)

  1. Engaging Students in Various Teaching Modalities - In this module, participants will learn how to implement a variety of strategies to engage students in all class modalities while maintaining class rigor. 
  2. Helping Students Focus, Enhancing Focus and Attention - In this module, participants will identify the reasons for students lack of focus as well as steps that can be taken to increase attention, engagement, and retention.
  3. TILT (Transparency in Learning and Teaching) - In this module, participants will gain an overview of Transparency in Learning and Teaching and how they can incorporate it into their teaching.
  4. Learner Centered Teaching - In this module, participants will learn what learner centered teaching is and strategies to use in the classroom to shift from teacher centered teaching to learner centered teaching.
  5. Disability Services at Amarillo College - In this module, participants will gain information from Disability Services Coordinator, Jerri Peacock, in regards to the services available to students by Disability Services.


Try one of the strategies presented in a Fall II course. Reflect on the strategy using the Teaching Effectiveness Questions. The deliverable may be presented to your department/program faculty during a department meeting, at an upcoming ACES, or in a small group at the end of the semester. See the CTL staff lead for more information.  

Deliverable Submission Link:



Register for the Online portion of the Learning Track here Google Form

125 stipend points available:

To receive the stipend points - all five online modules, any three face-to-face workshops, and a deliverable must be completed and submitted by December 15 @ noon.

Presented by:

Victor Favela - Instructional Designer


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