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Faculty Mentoring Program

Description: The purpose of the AC Teaching For Transformation mentoring program is to help our new faculty members adjust to the learning (academic) environment. Cultivating faculty mentor relationships is an important step to the success of Amarillo College faculty and our students. According to Bode (1999, p. 119), a mentor is “a person who serves as guide or sponsor – one who looks after, advises, protects, and takes a special interest in another’s development.”  Mentoring is not a natural set of skills for most people; rather knowledge about “good mentoring” is a learned skill. In this cohort, the participants will learn and actively use the new skills through the Teaching For Transformation program. These sessions are by invitation only. Please contact Lori Petty for more details.

Time/Dates: 12:00 – 1:00 pm 9/18/2020; 10/2/2020; 11/13/2020; 2/5/2021; 5/5/2021; 4/9/2021

Location: TBA

Professional Learning points: 250 points

Deliverable: Reflection on meetings with mentee and your growth in the process

  • Due: 4/9/2021 (last workshop)