Be sure to visit your advisor, Margarita Rocha, in the Student Services Center (Washington Street Campus) Room 120 or call 806-371-5440.

Schedule an appointment with Margarita here. She takes appointments Monday-Thursday and walk-ins on Friday.

Registration Steps

Here are some simple steps to follow for registration:

  1. Check your degree plan to select the courses for the semester.
  2. Log into AC Connect to register for classes and mark the date to pay on your calendar.
  3. If you are unable to register, contact Margarita at 806-371-5440.  
  4. Pay tuition by deadlines, buy textbooks and make sure to attend that first class on time.
  5. If you need further assistance, go to

Texas Tech Transfer Info

Check out the TTU College of Education and explore your many options!

Watch Texas Tech University recruiter/advisor Anna Hatton explain the process of the TechTeach 2+1 program: 


Texas Woman's University Transfer Info

If you are interested in transferring to TWU, check out their Teacher Certification website.

You will also want to connect with their Education Advisor, Linda Kobler, by emailing her at or make an appointment with Ms. Kobler here.

WTAMU Transfer Info

If you are one of the many AC graduates planning on transferring to WTAMU, check out the Admissions Office!

Also, the following link will provide a step-by-step guide to help you with the transfer process:  WTAMU Transfer Student Checklist.

Additionally, the WTAMU Office of Admissions hosts several Transfer Information Sessions each semester for future and prospective transfer students.

WTAMU Contact Information

Trish McCormick,  Transfer Advisor,
Gloria Reidlinger, Education Preparation Program Adviser,
Advising Services
Phone: (806) 651-5300
Fax: (806) 651-5274

Other Transfer Options

If you have plans to transfer to a university other than Tech or WT, you need to contact an advisor at the institution of your choice and request a transcript to be sent from AC. The university’s advisor can tell you what will transfer before you make your final decision, especially if the institution of your choice is out of state. Remember, you will be studying for objectives set by each state’s certification board.  If you obtain a bachelor’s in Texas, you will be taking Texas certification exams.  If you transfer out-of-state, then you will be taking that particular state’s exams and certified for that state only. Please discuss this in your advising session if you plan to move out of Texas upon graduating from Amarillo College. If at all possible, visit the campus and arrange for a tour. These steps are very important in your satisfaction with the choice you make.